Five Things to Enjoy for Free in Bangkok

If you’re travelling to Bangkok this year there are a wealth of different things to do. Tourists flock to Bangkok from all over the world because the people are friendly, the food is delicious, and the whole experience is good value. If you’re traveling on a budget you might be surprised how many things you can do for free. Here are five examples.

Explore the Crazy Streets of Chinatown

The bustling streets of Chinatown have to be experienced first-hand. It’s actually the oldest part of the city, with its foundations dating back to the 11780s. The area is made up of little alleys, with a surprise around every corner. Food vendors, shops, stalls, and even the Temple of the Golden Buddha are waiting to be discovered.

Take a Stroll Along the Famous Khao San Road

If you want to buy something but you’re not sure what, spend a day looking around the Khao San Road. There’s so much to choose from you might end the day buying nothing at all.

Visit One of the Many Free Museums

Bangkok has some amazing free museums. One of the most famous is the Bangkokian Museum. Pay it a visit and you’ll understand what it means to be Thai. Other museums include the Corrections Museum, housed in a former prison, and the Royal Elephant Museum.

Enjoy a Puppet Show at the Artist’s House

You don’t have to have kids with you to enjoy a puppet show. Thai puppetry is like nothing you’ve seen before. Puppet shows are held every day, except Wednesday, starting a 14.00.

Experience Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park is a vast green space in the centre of Bangkok. If you want to take a break from the city, there’s no better place to do it. Lay back and enjoy the peace and quiet under one of the park’s many trees. If you’re feeling energetic or missing your keep-fit fix, take a run around the 2.5km running track. There are also free aerobic classes and dance lessons. When the weather is cooler, from November to March, live music concerts can also be enjoyed in the park. Sundays are a special day because the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra performs.

When you’ve finished exploring, take time out at the Lancaster Bangkok, with a few cups of Thai Tea. You’ve probably saved enough money.

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