A Short Visitors Guide to the London Transport Museum

If you’re a transportation enthusiast who enjoys buses, trams, and trains, then you need to stop by the London Transport Museum (LTM). The museum is filled with a range of items that will interest both children and adults who would like to find out how London’s transport system has changed over the years.

A Piece of History – Learn About the Heritage of London’s Transport

The evolution of transportation is a magnificent process to see in person. From horse-drawn omnibuses to tramway vehicles, the museum showcases a variety of historical buses, vehicles, and historic transportation posters.

Kid-Friendly Activities – Visitors Will Have a Thrilling Experience at the Family Play Zone With Their Children

The museum has different interactive exhibits inside, all of which are fun for kids. The family play zone features mini vehicles, buses, and uniforms to encourage creative play. One of the interactive exhibits that families will enjoy with their kids is called Untangling the Tracks, which includes a puzzle for children to solve to keep the trains running properly. It also allows people a glimpse into the importance of transportation engineers.

Engineering Masterpieces – Witness How Harry Revolutionised the London Underground Map

The most interesting part of this transport museum is that visitors will get to see the old tube. The original tube map by Harry Beck, the technical draughtsman famous for creating the linear diagram that we know today, is displayed proudly. The museum features an abandoned Tube station, one of the first steam-powered engines, a Bogie Stock Coach, and much more, all ready for you to explore.

The LTM has been around since the Roaring Twenties and house s more than 450,000 items covering two centuries of London’s transport history. Visitors come to this transport museum in Covent Garden to learn about London’s famous transportation system.

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