Coalbrookdale Gates Hyde Park

Are you searching for a stunning property to call home? Coalbrookdale Gates Hyde Park may be the perfect option for you. Situated in the picturesque Vale of White Horse, this stunning estate is a MUST-SEE for anyone looking for breathtaking scenery, luxurious amenities, and unsurpassed luxury. Look at our latest listings for all that Coalbrookdale Gates Park offers!

The History of The Estate

The Park began in 1892 when the gates were erected as a memorial to Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. The gates are made from various materials, including cast iron and Portland stone. Today, the gate is maintained by The Royal Victorian Historical Society (RVHS).

The gardens And Statues

The garden is home to many notable plants and statues. The gardens also contain several ponds, fountains, and a children’s play area. The statue is a bronze sculpture of two lions by Gilbert Ledward, one weighing over twelve tonnes and standing 18 feet tall.

The Architecture

Park gate is a mixture of Victorian and Edwardian styles, making it an interesting mix of old and new. The influence of both Victorian and Edwardian architecture can be seen in the different features that are included in the design, such as peaked roofs and arched windows.

Wrap Up

The magnificent setting of the gates and statues makes it a perfect place to walk and admire the greenery. While walking through this beautiful green space, remember to stop by Coalbrookdale Corner for some good Sunday lunch (or perhaps tea) in one of the fine restaurants that flank this famous junction!

By Christine Matthews, CC BY-SA 2.0,


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