Hen Celebrations

It is customary for the bride and her closest female friends to get together for a hen party over the course of a long weekend before to the wedding in order to celebrate the forthcoming marriage of the bride (also known as a hen do, hen weekend, or bachelorette party).

What Goes on During Hen Celebrations

There was a time when Hen celebrations meant going out to bars and clubs while dressed in a veil or garter and drinking excessively. Although this kind of Hen party is still common, many modern brides choose more refined and laid-back celebrations. Many brides opt to spend a long weekend away from home, either within the country or elsewhere, celebrating with friends and family with dinner, an afternoon tea, or a spa day at a unique venue. When planning a Hen party, it’s customary to invite a select group of close female friends, as well as the bride-to-be’s mother and sister. It’s a chance to kick back and do whatever tickles your fancy.

A hen party is normally organised by the maid of honour, and it often consists of a retreat to an unfamiliar place or perhaps another country, as well as a range of enjoyable activities and late-night get-togethers with the other guests.

Popular things to do during a hen celebration include:

  • Spending the weekend at a hen party house
  • Going abroad for a hen do
  • Having an afternoon tea
  • Playing hen party games
  • Going out partying
  • Doing a dance class
  • Drinking

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