All you need to know about Allergy Testing

Allergy testing is when a specialist performs an exam to determine the allergic reaction in your body. The major forms of carrying out the test are blood or skin test. When your immune system overreacts to a substance, it is considered an allergy. Here are some of the symptoms you may experience:

- Sneezing
- Itchy, watery eyes
- Wheezing or coughing
- Blocked sinuses
- Running nose
- Types of Allergens

There are three different types of allergens which are:
• Inhaled allergens – These are the allergens that come in contact with membranes of the throat or nostrils and the lungs.
• Ingested allergens – These types of allergens are commonly found in food.
• Contact allergens – These are the allergens which produce a reaction when they get in contact with the skin.

Importance of Allergy Testing

According to research, most people are affected by allergies. Inhaled allergens cause the most common allergy type. Allergy can cause death; thus, proper allergy care is required to avoid such scenarios. Molds, pollens and other substances that cause allergy are determined by carrying out a test. You can treat an allergy using the medication prescribed once you are diagnosed with one. Allergy tests help you avoid the substance that causes it, such as food.

Risk Caused by Testing

Redness, mild itching and swelling of the skin may occur due to the tests done. After a few hours, the symptoms disappear. A severe reaction may be caused by the test, thus requiring medication. Because of that reason, you are recommended to visit a specialist with adequate medications and testing equipment. You need to contact your doctor when the symptoms or reactions persist.

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